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Tokyo Travellers


How to find where you are going?

Many streets don’t have names, and buildings aren’t always numbered in order. Use maps and ask your concierge to write directions in Japanese so you will have an easier time if you have to ask for help. Buses are complicated unless you know Japanese. Most of the bus drivers do not know English. Cars are even worse, since there is little parking and streets are like mazes. Subways are safe, inexpensive and have maps that are easy to follow with color coding to find the right connection. You can easily get tickets at vending machines. Taxis, although not cheap, can be good for short trips.

Currency Exchange

For the best rates, you should try to exchange at a bank, most open between 9am to 5pm. You may also get better rates for traveler checks rather than cash.

Emergency Phone Numbers

There is an emergency number of the police department in Tokyo, where the calls are attended in English. The number is 03-3501-0110. Tourists can also keep Tokyo English Life Line number, which is 03-3968-4099. In case tourists lose their belongings, then they can call at 03-3814-4151. For tourist information in Tokyo, travellers can call at 03-3201-3331. For any flight inquiry, tourists can call at 0476-34-5000 for details of flights of Narita Airport. To know about flights of Haneda, you can dial 03-5757-8111. In case you require help of the police in Tokyo, simply dial 110. On the other hand, 119 should be dialed in case you need an ambulance in Tokyo. The same number is used to call fire brigade in Tokyo. For information about hospitals in Tokyo in case of emergency, (03) 5285-8181 is to be dialed.

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