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 Madrid Basic


Madrid, Spain's capital is a cosmopolitan city. Its position as a centre for economics, finance, administration and services combines the most modern infrastructure with an important cultural and artistic heritage, the legacy of centuries of fascinating history. Madrid is strategically located at the geographical centre of the Iberian peninsula, 646 meters above sea level. Its old town is exemplary among major European cities, and blends harmoniously with the most modern and convenient of urban infrastructure. Madrid offers a broad range of accommodation and services along with the most advanced audiovisual and communication technology. All this, combined with the momentum of a society that is dynamic and open, and at the same time warm and welcoming, has turned this metropolis into one of the western world's great capitals.

The Madrid area has been settled since the Lower Paleolithic age, but it was not until 1561 that King Philip II made it the capital of his mighty empire. The historic old town, also known as "Madrid de los Austrias" (referring to the Hapsburg empire) is a living example of the city's 16th and 17th century heyday, as is its impressive Plaza Mayor (square), which was opened in 1620 and remains one of Spain's most popular and typical spots.


The average annual temperature in the shade is 13ºC (55ºF). In the colder seasons, the minimum temperatures often fall below freezing point, although in the city itself it rarely snows. During the peak summer months the temperature can easily reach 40ºC (104ºF), but this is made slightly more bearable by the low humidity levels.


Madrid is a captivating tourist destination in Spain that features enriching history, art and culture. The culture of any place has been influenced by the history and religious aspect of that place. Likewise, Madrid Culture is very much has influenced by its history and also religious history. You can spot various monolithic cathedrals and churches in this enchanting city. Along with the commercial and business centers of Spain, Madrid is also a fashion capital of the country. There are various trendy boutiques in Madrid that invites you to experience fashion trends in the capital city. With opera, theatre, concerts, shows, music & dance festival and outstanding array of food and beverage outlets, Madrid is surely a place that’s worth a visit.


Continent: Europe

Country: Spain

Community: Madrid

City: Madrid

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Language: Spanish

Time Zone: Central European Time (CET) (UTC+1)


Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, after Chinese and English. Although Spanish is the language of the land, English, French and German are generally understood at most attractions, museums, hotels and restaurants that cater for visitors. Castilian Spanish is the official language but in the regions, Basque, Catalan and Galician are spoken. In smaller towns and villages a phrase book is a useful item to carry.

Helpful Words and Phrase

My name is              meh l-yamo

I’m lost?               Estoy perdeedo(a)

Thanks for your help.      Graseeas por soo ayooda

Sorry!/Excuse me!         Lo seeyento!

Do you speak English?       Abla oosteth eengles?

I don’t speak (much) Spanish No ablo (mooch) español

Where is?              Dondeh esta?

How much is it?         Kwanto kwesta?

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