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Los Angeles Travel Guide

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Paris Travel Tips

Tokyo Travel Tips

Beijing Travel Tips

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Toronto Travel Tips

Houston Travel Tips

Bangkok Travel Tips

Frankfurt Travel Tips

Las vegas Travel Tips

Singapore Travel Tips

London Travel Tips

Amsterdam Travel Tips

Hong Kong Travel Tips

New York Travel Tips

Los Angeles Travellers


Any time is good to visit LA, but the Summer is special. July through early October is the most popular period to visit LA. Outdoor living (concerts, music, eating, biking...) and beach life are mainly centred in the rainless summer months.

If you want to avoid smog then avoid the period between June and October.

If you you want less crowds and lower prices in accommodation and other services, then do not choose the summer. Instead, choose March, April and May, or the period between September and November. If you want less packed periods, avoid also the major holidays. Thanksgiving is a specially packed period, with much higher accommodation prices. 


Don't travel with more valuables than it will fit in a small hotel safe.

If you are carrying expensive camera or video equipment that won't fit in the safe, consider carrying it in something other than a standard camera case, or putting your camera case into an ordinary backpack or soft-sided cooler.

If you're running out for a while and leaving valuables in your room, leave the TV on and leave the "Do Not Disturb" notice on the door. Leave a light on too if you go out in the evening.

Don't leave extra copies of the room key in the room when you go out for your safety.

Use the extra latches provided to secure the door when you're inside the room.

If anyone comes to the door claiming to be hotel staff and you haven't specifically requested them, ask for ID and call and confirm with the front desk before letting them in.

Don't let strangers in your room, no matter how friendly.

Check that the door is locked when you close it, and don't forget your key in the lock.

Keep it locked, whether you are in it or leaving it parked.

Don't leave luggage, purses, shopping bags, GPS or other electronics or anything else in view.

There are a lot of homeless people in LA. Whether you feel inclined to give them money is up to you, but a polite "I'm sorry, I can't help you" is generally enough to get someone to leave you alone. Since some of the homeless are mentally ill or addicts, being rude or mean to them is not helpful, and could put you at unnecessary risk.


Fire Department
  (310) 458-8651
Police Dept. Non-Emergency   (310) 458-8495
Tourist Information   (310) 393-7593
Parking & Traffic   (310) 458-8291  

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