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The best time to travel to London is not really a significant aspect to consider as it is a year-round vacationing center, with few of its attractions closing or significantly reducing their opening hours in winter. In case you wish to experience good weather, you are advised to visit London at the height of summer in July and August. However, there is certainly no guarantee of sun even in those months plus it is the time when you can expect the largest crowds and maximum prices.

Travel Safety Tips

Try to avoid walking alone at night, and try to keep to well-lit main roads

Stay alert: be aware of what’s going on around you

Try to avoid wearing headphones, as they reduce awareness of your surroundings

Keeping Your Stuff Safe

Don't leave your bag unattended anywhere in city, as doing so can lead to a security alert

Keep your purse or wallet close to your body and don't carry too much cash

When using an ATM (cash machine), check that no-one is looking over your shoulder and that the ATM hasn't been tampered.

Tipping Tips

It really depends upon how happy you are with the service. Bills normally include a service charge. Where the charges are not included, it is customary to give 10-15% of the restaurant bill. You may take tips from the following or just use your discretion:

Portage: 50-75p per suitcase.
Taxis: 10-15% of the fare.

Hairdressers:  2 pounds.

Theaters and petrol stations:  Tips are not expected.

Electricity Tips
Britain uses 240 volts. If you have appliances that run on anything different, do purchase a converter. It’s available at most hardware stores. 

Don't Give Money To Beggars In city

It can be distressing to see the homeless people begging for money on the streets of city, but please be aware that begging in London is big business. Many 'beggars' travel to city from other parts of the country for a few days each week and can make quite a good living from the sympathy of tourists and Londoners alike.

The London Metropolitan Police are regularly telling us that the money we give to homeless people is not being used to help them get off the streets - it's more likely being used to buy drugs or to fund organized crime, and therefore we need to give to recognized charities and not to individuals.

Beware of Pickpockets

As in most large cities, pickpockets and bag snatchers like to prey on unsuspecting visitors. These thieves often work in pairs or small groups and operate in the busiest areas of city, such as on Oxford Street or around Covent Garden. You might be surprised to hear these thieves are often children.

Typical Pickpocket Scenarios

Someone may ask you for directions and a colleague may be already in your bag, while you are distracted.
Try to wear your bag across your body.

Always keep your wallet close to you and preferably not in your main day pack.

Waist bags/fanny packs (known locally as 'bum bags') are a good option for your essentials.

At a cafe table someone may engage you in pointless conversation while their accomplice snatches your bag from under your chair.

At a table, always look your bag strap around your leg or a chair leg.


Fire Department
999 or 112

Ambulance 999 or 112
Emergency Dental Care+44 (0) 20 78373646
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital +44 (0) 20 87468999

St Thomas Hospital +44 (0) 20 79289292
Medical Express +44 (0) 20 74860516

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