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 Las Vegas Travellers


Rather than ask when to visit Las Vegas, you should ask when not to go: The city has become so popular that an "off season" is nonexistent.

There are times to avoid Las Vegas, however, such as during New Year's, most three-day public holidays, July 4th, and school vacations. Valentine's Day is also out unless you are planning to get married—fast.
Throughout the year, the city is relatively crowded and the weather remains dry and sunny. For swimmers and sunbathers, the weather is ideal from May to September. Spring and fall are the best for walking the Strip or venturing into the surrounding desert.

•high season: January to mid-November

•shoulder season: late November to December

If there are times that peak more than others, they're New Year's Eve through mid-February during winter escape time and July 1 through Labor Day due to family vacations.


1.If you have a mobile, you can dial 647 to reach Nevada Highway Patrol. For those who are driving, parking requires some skill as you can’t park at the strip permanently.
2.Be on the lookup for your wallet and purse, especially when there are crowded places for safety. Pickpockets can strike any time and if someone knocks into you accidentally, check that your wallet is safe.

3.In Las Vegas it is better to be safe than sorry and don’t even attempt to walk from Freemont Street back to the strip, more so for the female.

4.Watch your step when you are crossing the streets as cars can be in full flight and pay no attention to jaywalkers, so make use of the crosswalks every time or you might be fined too.

5.If you are in need of time in the morning before departing, check with the front desk to push back the departure as most hotels check out time is noon but for small tips, you can push forward a few hours.


DO NOT leave room keys laying around the swimming pool.

DO NOT flash your cash.

DO NOT leave your luggage unattended when checking into your hotel.

DO NOT countersign all your traveler's checks.

DO NOT pick up hitchhikers.

DO NOT leave your keys in unattended car, even while running a quick errand or filling up with gas.


All numbers
are in the 702 area code

Las Vegas Metro Police (non emergency) - 795-3111

Emergency - 911

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