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 Basic Facts

Paris Basic Facts

Tokyo Basic Facts

Beijing Basic Facts

Madrid Basic Facts

Berlin Basic Facts

Toronto Basic Facts

Houston Basic Facts

Bangkok Basic Facts

Frankfurt Basic Facts

New York Basic Facts

Singapore Basic Facts

London Basic Facts

Amsterdam Basic Facts

Hong Kong Basic Facts

Los Angeles Basic Facts

 Las Vegas Basic


Traveling to Las Vegas is such a great experience for everyone. A tour to city can be fun, romantic, or adventurous as the tourist wants it to be. However, if someone wishes to have a peaceful tour then Las Vegas may not be the right choice. It is the city of liveliness and adventures with a big crowd of locals as well as the visitors. But the city offers you with so many options that you will never feel restlessness due to such big crowd around you.


Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are located in Southwestern United States east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The entire state lies in the rain-shadow desert formed by the mountain range and receives very little rainfall. The climate is extremely hot and dry. Most of the state only receives an average of four inches (10 cm) of rainfall per year, with more than 250 days of sunshine. Summers are quite hot with temperatures frequently exceeding 100 degrees F (40 C). In the winter months, daytime temperatures are usually a quite comfortable 60 - 70 deg. (15 - 20 C) with chilly nights.


Number of Hotel and Motel Rooms:  126,787

Additional Rooms to be Open by 2005: 8,318

Number of Visitors: 35 million annually

Number of Convention Delegates: 5.1 million annually
Average Nightly Room Rate: $75.00

Percentage of International Visitors: 8% (12% in 2001)
Total passengers at McCarran Airport: 35 million annually
Daily inbound and outbound flights: 900 daily flights
Current Clark County Population: 1.5 million

Projected Population Growth in 2010:  Nearly 2 million
Newcomers to city Last Year: 76,000

Number of Businesses that Relocated Last Year: 50 new companies

*2002 statistics collected from Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and Perspective

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -8 hours

Time zone abbreviation: PST - Pacific Standard Time

Language Spoken
: English, Spanish

Currency used
: U.S Dollars

ATMs are available in many parts of city - ensure you inform your bank before travelling abroad, and be aware you may be charged for cash withdrawals. It is advisable to exchange some cash before arriving in city.

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