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 Las Vegas Airport


The most popular entrance to McCarran International Airport, is to enter from Tropicana and Paradise Road. Simply go South on Paradise and the road heads directly here. Or, from the Strip, simply go East on Tropicana, Make a Right on Paradise and you are guided by the signs to come here. As you approach the McCarran, simply follow the signs for Arrival or Departure flights, or parking. Signs will also guide you to your desired Terminal. You may also enter the McCarran from highway 215, no matter which direction you are traveling on 215, large signs will direct you to the McCarran International exit, then simply watch for more signs directing you to your desired location at the McCarran.

 Whether you are departing or arriving, Las Vegas is a fairly simple city to navigate. Street traffic is predictable, with early morning, noon and late afternoon traffic increases. Best time to leave or depart the McCarran International would be in the late evening to avoid street traffic. Note: The Russell Road entrance is not recommended. Russell Road is two lanes in both directions, and the stop light at the Russell Road McCarran International entrance may take you several cycles to get thru. It’s best to enter or exit via the 215 or Paradise Road.


There are several transportation options from McCarran International: rental cars, taxicabs, limos, buses, the monorail and old-fashioned walking. To decide which is best for you, first consider how much traveling you'll want to do once you get to Vegas.
Taxis are the fastest way to get to your hotel (in 30 minutes or less). There's no shortage of cabs in the city, as you'll see when you exit baggage claim at Doors 1 to 5. Though there's sometimes a line for cabs, it moves quickly and will be less of a wait than the other available modes of transportation. The rides aren't cheap: There's an initial charge of $3.30 plus an additional $1.20 when you're riding from the McCarran International, and then $2.20 per mile. That means if you're traveling to a property on the south end of the Strip, expect to pay around $11; central Strip will average $14, north Strip will be around $16, and downtown will cost close to $20.

Rental Cars

The McCarran Rent-A-Car Center (702-261-6001) consolidates all of the car rental companies into one giant building, about 3 miles from the McCarran International. A free shuttle to the center departs the airport every five minutes from Doors 10 and 11. Each rental agency has its own kiosk, and people are generally in and out efficiently. Still, the process will easily take 30 minutes, even on a good day. McCarran is next to two major highways (Interstate 15 and Interstate 215), and it's simple to navigate to your destination. Getting around city is also simple - it's a grid.


Shuttle and limousine services are often offered by the same company. Catch them on the west side of baggage claim, outside Doors 8 to 13. Shuttles tend to be the most affordable option; it is $5 or $6 to Strip hotels and a few dollars more for downtown and off-Strip hotels. Also, check with your hotel to see if it offers its own shuttle service (often free). But be prepared to wait: The buses generally don't leave until they have a worthwhile load, and the wait can be up to an hour.

This city is not a town that's big on public transportation. Even locals generally take the bus only by necessity. That said, two Citizens Area Transit bus routes transport passengers from the McCarran International. Route 108 follows Swenson Street to the Hilton, and Route 109 travels up Maryland Parkway. Though bus travel isn't recommended (particularly with baggage in tow), it is an option. Bus fare is $1.25, and you must have exact change.


Money and communications:
A bank, a bureau de change, ATMs and a post office are all available.

Eating and drinking: Numerous restaurants, coffee shops, fast-food outlets and snack bars are located throughout.

Shopping: Shops and slot machines are available in all terminals. There are also duty-free shops in

Terminal 2

Secure keyless luggage lockers are available at a number of locations throughout the McCarran International. A lost property office is located in Terminal 1 (tel: (702) 261 5134).

Other facilities: These include a first aid clinic, medical and fitness centers, a children’s play area, massage and an aviation museum.


If traveling around the strip, walking is a reasonable option as hotels are found close to each other. In fact in most cases, at least two hotels are connected to each other either by bridge or underground or in the case of Excalibur, Luxor and Malanday Bay, by a complimentary rail shuttle. Be aware that during the summer, the oppressive heat during the daylight hours may make walking a very uncomfortable activity.

By public transit
The city Monorail runs on the east side of the strip with stops behind several of the hotels and at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It costs $5 one-way, $9 return and $15 for a one-day pass. Do the math before boarding, it could be cheaper for a small group to take a taxi. The monorail's carrying capacity of 4,000 people per hour is woefully insufficient to handle the evening exodus from the larger conventions which have as many as 150,000 attendees.
One of the easiest ways to get around is by taxi. It is relatively cheap to go from hotel to hotel. The cab driver is required to turn on the meter and to take the shortest route to your destination. There is a surcharge for rides originating at the McCarran International, but not for extra passengers. Taxi lines (queues) are typically found at the front of hotels. You would be unwise to attempt to hail one on the street, especially on the Strip as it is illegal for a cab to stop traffic to pick up or drop off a passenger. The best way to hail a cab outside of a cabstand is to use the following method: if you want to go north on the strip, stand on the east side about 20 feet before a turn off. The cab you want to wave over will have the yellow lights off.

By rental car

Renting a car at McCarran International is fairly cheap and popular. The opening of the new rental car facility has increased the wait time to get your car. All the rental agencies are now located under a single roof and all use the same shuttle from the McCarran International to the facility.

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