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As a busy urban hub, Houston, like many other major cities, suffers from its fair share of petty crime. Common sense and taking sensible precautions will ensure that you enjoy a problem-free trip. Most crimes can be prevented by keeping a close eye on your belongings and by never flashing lots of cash or expensive valuables around in public. Most of the major tourist areas are very well-policed, although due to the numbers of visitors, these districts are especially susceptible to petty crime. At night, it is recommended that you stay away from poorly-lit streets and districts that you are unfamiliar with.

Don't turn left in front of a Metro train. The no left turn signs are there for a reason. Silly people don't follow them and end up on the nightly news. Don't be silly.
Walk only where you see other pedestrians. Don't be the only one on the street. Houston isn't a walking-around kind of town.

Don't step out in front of cars in a crosswalk. Keep in mind that Houstonians drive aggressively. If you're a pedestrian, don't automatically expect drivers to stop for you. It may be the law in other states, but it could turn you into a speed bump in Houston.

Don't show your road rage. The driver next to you could well be armed.  If you're irritated at another driver, don't give them the old "one finger salute".  It could get you in real trouble.

Don't worry if everyone seems to stay indoors in this town - they're more than likely escaping the mosquitoes and the heat rather than each other.Houstonites are a particularly friendly bunch and will be more than happy to steer you away from any trouble spots.As in any city, lock your car and take valuables with you.


— 911

Houston Fire Department — (713) 884-3144

Houston Police Department — (713) 222-3131

Houston Ambulance Service — (713) 222-3434

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