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 Berlin Basic


Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states of the Federal Republic of Germany. Berlin is best known for its historical associations as the German capital for its many cafes and for its numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest. It is now possible to see representatives of many different historic periods in a short time within the city center, from a few surviving medieval buildings near Alexanderplatz, to the ultramodern glass and steel structures in Potsdamer Platz. Because of its tumultuous history, Berlin remains a city with many distinctive neighborhoods.


During the summer, between May and August, the city can get pleasantly warm with many hours of sunshine and it is very unusual for a day to have no sunshine at all. Casual summer attire is worn, including shorts and summer sun hats, so wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Despite being the hottest months, with temperatures reaching in excess of 30°C / 86°F, July and August can also be unpredictable months and it is not unusual for a sunny day to quickly cloud over and turn into a rainy day, so bear this in mind and be prepared for all eventualities.

Berlin is a relatively young city by European standards, dating to the thirteenth century, and it has always had a reputation as a place filled with people from elsewhere. Someone who has lived in Berlin for ten years will see themselves as a "true Berliner," looking down on the person who has only been there for five.

Most people under 40 in Berlin are able to speak English in a varying degree of fluency, but it might not be as widely spoken as you might expect, so a few key German phrases are worth having. There are some words in Berlin that differ from regular German, especially in the former East Berlin the language preserved a certain level of dialect.

Helpful words and phrases

Yes – Ja (yah)
No – Nein (nine)
Thank you – Danke (DAHN-kuh)
Please/You are welcome - Bitte (BITT-uh)
Excuse me - Entschuldigen Sie (ent-SHOOL-degen see)
Nice to meet you – Es freut mich. (As froit mish)
How are you? - Wie geht`s? (wee gates)
Do you speak English? - Sprechen Sie Englisch? (SPRA-shun see ANG-lish)
I don't understand - Ich verstehe nicht (Ish VARE-stahe nisht)
I can't speak German – Ich kann kein Deutsch. (Ish kun kine doitsh)

Population: 3.5 million
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Time zone: GMT + 1 hour
Country dialing code: +49
Telephone area code: 030
Average daily January temp: 9ºC / 48ºF
Average daily July temp: 32ºC / 90ºF
Annual rainfall: 580 mm / 23 inches

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