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Beijing Travellers

October is the best time because there are many celebrations to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic on Oct 1st to watch and participate in till the end of the month. Adding to that, the climate is just fabulous for any visiting tourist because the post monsoon high pressure system keeps the skies clear, the days slightly warm and the nights crisp and cool. Although summer is high travel tourist season, in some ways, it could get a little unpleasant as the normally dry air of Beijing gives way to heavy humidity and there is little shelter from the blazing summer heat because most of Beijing's tourist attractions are found outdoors. If you are going for an extended stay in Beijing, then the winter and spring months from November to April are the best time to visit the city.


China country
code number: 0086
Beijing City code number: 010
Police 110

Fire 119

Ambulance 120

Traffic 122

Foreigners Section of the Beijing Public Security Bureau 6525 5486

Tourist Hotline 6513 0828

International SOS Assistance Top 6590 3419

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