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Beijing Airport


Beijing is served by international carriers. Travelers will be able to stay in touch with the world via multimedia payphones conveniently located throughout the terminal. A phone card, available at airport counters, is required to make calls. There are no English-language travel books or maps available at the airport, but tourist information and maps can be found at the front desks of most hotels.
Free baggage carts are available on the concourse outside the departure hall. There are no porters at the airport. The airport offers Smarte Locke lockers for passengers to store their baggage. The lockers are located on the second level. Bags may be stored from an hour to seven days. There are 12 ATMs and four auto cash exchange machines conveniently located throughout the terminal.
Travel Tax
Travelers departing Beijing on an international flight must pay a RMB90 airport construction tax. Those flying to domestic destinations must pay RMB50. Payment must be made at counters in the departure area prior to checking-in for your flight. Keep your receipt.
Airport Transportation
The airport is 26 kilometers, or 40 minutes, from the center of Beijing. Modes of transport (available during normal flight arrival and departure times) include:
Bus: The airport bus is available on the lower level just outside the Arrivals area. There is just one government-run airport bus shuttle. Many hotels run their own airport shuttle bus services.

Taxi: Available on the lower level just outside the Arrivals area. There is no real difference between the various taxi companies in Beijing.  When arriving at the airport, AVOID drivers who approach you in the terminal or outside the terminal as these are almost always price-gaugers, who will ask triple or more the actual price. There is a taxi line just outside the terminal. Drivers should use their meter; make sure that the driver puts down the flag, as some drivers will say they forgot and ask for a ridiculous amount of money.
The cost to midtown Beijing is normally around RMB70 depending on the type of taxi, plus RMB15 for the highway toll. There is no need to tip taxi drivers in Beijing unless they render extra assistance with bags, etc.


By Subway
The Beijing subway is possibly the best way to get around Beijing. There are currently five main lines and one other that goes wandering off through the Northern suburbs. The Beijing subway is extremely cheap, very rarely out of service, and the speed puts Beijing’s buses to shame. All this leads to its one disadvantage – horrendous crowds.

By Taxis
Beijing taxis are a really good way to get around and mercifully cheap. The flagfall fare is 10Y and a further 2.0Y or 1.6Y per km thereafter depending on the type of taxi. The rate per km is indicated by sticker in the back window, rates go up 20% at night.

Beijing buses are slow, old and crowded and the roads are choked with traffic. One of the few advantages of taking a bus in Beijing is that you can have fun counting the number of old ladies who pass you as you wait for hour after hour in traffic jams. Not only are Beijing’s buses overcrowded and slow, but you face the added problem of all the destinations being written in Chinese.

By Bicycles
For decades the bicycle was king in Beijing, and it’s still a very good way to get round. The city’s dead flat and there are very good bicycle lanes. Beijing’s car drivers are perhaps not the most considerate, but this drawback is made up for by safety in numbers – there are still loads of cyclists in Beijing. Bicycles can be hired from most budget hotels and there are bike lots (sometimes with an attendant) everywhere you look. You can expect to pay anything from 10-50Y for one day’s hire and you’ll have to leave a deposit.

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