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 Bangkok Basic

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is also its largest urban region and primate city. During the Ayutthaya Kingdom, it was just a small trading post, located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. However, with the declaration of Bangkok as the capital, in 1768, the city emerged as a significant destination of Thailand. Bangkok is also known to be the political, social and economic center of Thailand and contributes considerably to South East Asia and Indochina as well. The city is also acclaimed to be a global city, owing to its influence in the fields of art, politics, fashion, education and entertainment.


Bangkok has a hot, tropical climate with daytime temperature reaching the mid-30s Celsius throughout the year. November to February is the driest time of year and the most popular with tourists. March, April and May are the hottest months, and the rainy season runs from May to October. During the wet season short showers are likely during the afternoon, though some days it will rain all day.

The Thai language, belonging to the Tai family, is the main language in Thailand although there are several regional dialects as well. Other languages spoken in Thailand are Chinese, Lao, Malay and Mon-Khmer, while English usage is becoming more prevalent in government and commerce. English is also being taught as a second language in secondary school and universities, which enables the English-speaking visitor in Thailand to have little trouble conversing.

Helpful words and phrases
Yes - Chái

No - Mâi chái

Thank you - Khàp khun

No, thank you - Mâi ao khàp khun

Hello - Sawàt dii

Excuse me - Khãw thôht

Please - Karuna

I do not understand - Mâi Khâo jai

I like you! - Phom chawp koon

I cannot speak Thai - Poot passat Thai mai dai

Can speak a little Thai - Poot passat Thai nit noy

How much? - Thâo rai or Kee Baht?

Can you discount a little - Lot rakka dai mai

Too expensive - Paeng Pai.

I want it cheaper - ow thuuk


The currency of Thailand is the baht which consists of 100 stang. Copper coins are valued 25 and 50 stang. Silver coins are in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 baht. Banknotes are valued at 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 baht. As the exchange rates of foreign currencies against the baht may change daily, it is advisable to exchange foreign currencies only at commercial banks, currency exchange services or authorized money changers.

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