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 Bangkok Airport



Over 45 different airlines serve Suvarnabhumi, with exotic names like Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Air, El Al, KLM, Air Macau, Air France, and Finnair, as well as US carriers including Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Northwest Airlines.

Transport from Airport

In addition to private automobiles, transportation options at Suvarnabhumi International include taxis, limousines, rental cars, public buses, and rental cars. There is a 42,000 square meter Public Transportation Center (adjacent to the Bangkok Catering Company Limited and LSG Sky Chefs) which serves as a hub and parking area for these services. The transportation center also houses fuel stations and some convenience stores. Shuttle bus service is available from the Main Terminal to the Transport Center.
Car Rental
Suvarnabhumi passengers have a choice of rental car agencies including Avis, Hertz, Budget and Thai Car Rental. The car rental agencies are located in the Public Transportation Center. There is also a service counter in Concourse B inside the Arrival Hall.
Public/Ground Transfer
Bus service is available 24 hours per day from the Bus Terminal located at the Public Transportation Center. The fare from the airport to downtown Bangkok is 35 baht. Additional route and connection information is available at this page.

High Speed Rail
There is a 28.6 kilometer high speed rail link from the airport to downtown Bangkok.
Airport Shuttles

A shuttle bus service called Airport Express provides service from 5:00am to midnight between Suvarnabhumi International and several Bangkok hotels. It has four routes that go downtown from the airport; the cost is 150 baht. The Airport Express counter is located on Level 1 of the main terminal, near Entrance 8. A list of the routes and stops are here.

Limousine Services
Limousine service provided by AOT is available at the Limousine Counter located on the Level 2 of the terminal in the Baggage Claim and Arrival Hall. Limo pickup is on the level 2 outer curb.

Taxi Services
Taxis are available in the Public Transportation Center and at a Taxi Counter located on Level 1 of the main terminal building near entrances 3, 4, 7, and 8. Taxis charge a metered fare plus a 50 baht surcharge and 'expressway fees.'


Bank There are now two commercial banks on service at the airport which are Thai Military Bank Public Co., Ltd., located at the northern part of international terminal 1, and Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd, located on the 2nd floor at the northern part of international terminal 2.

Currency Exchange counters are provided in both arrival and departure halls and lounges of international terminals. In addition, currency exchange booths are also situated at various areas within the airport.
Left Baggage is located in both arrival and departure hall of international terminals 1 and 2 as well as domestic terminal.

Muslim Praying Room Provided for Muslim passengers/users, located in the departure hall at the linking area between international passengers terminal 1 and 2. The other one is in the departure hall of domestic terminal. Essential facilities are also available in the rooms.

Shops - Variety of goods are provided for choices of passengers which are duty free goods, handicraft and local products from Royal Folk Arts and Craft Center, Bang Sai, Thai traditional cloth and world's brand name products. Moreover, there are florists selling fresh and dry flowers and preserved food and there are also some kinds of stores.

Restaurants - Many types of restaurants which offer many kinds of food such as Thai food, Chinese food, European food, Japanese food including famous fast food and snack bars located at various areas in the terminal.



You can walk in many places but often sidewalks are crowded and shell-pocked, with tired dogs and hyped vendors leaving only a thread-thin path down the pavement. Add in the heat, humidity and pollution and you can conclude Bangkok is not a good walking city.

Taxis are everywhere and very cheap. Starting fare is 35 baht (under US$1 in 2004) and unless you get snared by Bangkok’s Matrix-sized traffic jams, even cross-town trips are cheap. Unless you speak Thai, it is best to have your destination written out in Thai, as most drivers do not speak English. Be sure and “remind” the driver to turn on the meter by pointing at it and saying “meter” to avoid negotiating your fare at the (wrong) end of the ride.

River Taxi
This is one of the fun things that make travel worth doing. Bangkok sits alongside a wide river, and is interlaced with canals. Many have been filled in over the years as cars outpaced boats, but water travel is still very much a real thing in the city. For all of 8 baht (about 20 US cents in 2004) you can board a small boat, a river taxi, at any of dozens of stops in Bangkok and ride until the end.

These are three wheeled open-to-the-air motorcycle taxis and yes, your kids will want to ride in them. They hang out near the tourist places and the drivers will often call out to you. It is fun to ride-once-in a tuk-tuk. They have no meter, so negotiate the fare before you drive off. You are riding in the open air, so all that yummy Bangkok air pollution is being rammed down your throat and into your eyes at 35 mph. You also have nothing between you and the incoming traffic, so suggest to your driver that he avoid any accidents or tipping over on turns. It seems many of the drivers are young and may have acquired all their driving skills from Super Mario bouts, so be advised.

Buses go everywhere and cost just pennies, but without speaking Thai and/or having a sense of adventure can be hard to figure out. Some are air-conditioned and a bit more expensive, some are insanely crowded, but with taxis as cheap as they are, you probably won’t have too many reasons to check them out.

The SkyTrain
A fairly recent addition to Bangkok is the SkyTrain, pretty much like a subway up in the air. It is sort of, but not exactly goes where you want to go. So use it mostly as a way to shorten a cross-town taxi ride rather than as a one-stop transport method as you might do in London, Tokyo or NYC. The stations are all elevated and all have stairs, though with some looking you will found an elevator at most places. If the journey is only a few stations and you are three or more, a taxi might be about the same price and easier.

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