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         Bangkok                                  Hong Kong                              Tokyo

         Beijing                                    Singapore       


This continent is very much diverse in every aspect. It has highest altitude of world Mt Everest 29,029 ft, and lowest point Dead sea 1,385 ft below sea level. People here are very diverse in culture, lifestyle, communities and different variety of religion are found here. All most all the religion of the world are orginated here. If you are planning to come here you can expect wide different landscapes, Variety of people, Amazing natural beauty, Deserts, Ice mountains and Wild life. 

Most Popular Destinations

World's Major cities belong to this continent, This continent has the highest population in the world. In some of places, people live in close area is really mind blowing. So organised and well designed roads. In singapore, you can find high technology art of city designing and world class facilities. Hongkong has amazing road and offcourse world famous Tian Tan Buddha statue made of bronze. Island nation of japan is a special place to visit for every tourist coming to this continent. India's traditional tallest statue is of Lord Hanuman Paritala Anjaneya Swami Temple near Vijayawada. From Tokyo Tower, world's largest steel tower to Disneyland city has many thing to offer for one who visits Tokyo.

Bangkok is one of the most popular city in the world for its art & culture, If you are visiting bangkok do not forget to visit the Wat Pho, the big statue of reclining buddha. If you are visit India, Rajasthan desert is awesome to see truly one of the world's best attractions and offcourse those royal palace will get your attention too.Beijing is another place where you can visit as China is continuously investing in modernising its cities. Other major cities like Hyderabad & Bangalore in India have become famous as IT cities.

Best Time to Visit

If you are visiting Singapore, You can visit almost any time of the year, City has many things to offer to celebrate. June to August can be most prefered time. Bangkok you can visit between November to February considered to be best time as weather is cool during this season. Malaysia temperature is hot & humid throughout the whole year, So you can visit it whenever you like. Best time to visit India is between October to February, Majority of cities in india are cooler and enjoying during this season. Best time to Visit Japan is April as the weather is very nice and pleasant. Autumn is best for visiting South Korea. Whereever you want to go please read the city or place guide before planning your trip. 

Travel Tips

Plan it in advance: This continent is full of surprises, So have flexibility in your travel plan for  some free time for unexpected adventures. Make your travel plans in advance there are many things you can do here.Proper planning to any trip is adviced in general.

Budget: Travelling here is very light on your pocket compared to your visit to North America & Europe, There are many packages available with the tour operator which are quiet inexpensive. If you are a traveller to North America or Europe you will be surprised by the value they offer to your money, Really worth spending here. Infact, It will be the best ever spending for the returns you get.

Landmarks:  Some of the famous Asian landmarks are Tokyo Tower, Merlion, Great statues of the Buddha, Beaches, Thar Deserts, Great wall of China, Taj Mahal etc. These places are at par with any wonders of the world.

Health: Take the advice of your family Doctor before you plan you trip, Further you can get more specific information on places you are visiting by reading travel guides. Buying Health & Travel Insurance is a good idea before starting your journey. 

Currency: wide range of currencies are used in this continent as there are many different countries. U.S Dollar can easily be exchanged for local currency. You can carry Traveller Cheques or ATM cards of Visa or Master Card which are widely accepted.

Safety Information: It is same as in any continent, Do not pull heavy cash from ATMs, Don't give your credit card for small purchases, Be smart travel in groups, Keep your Passport safe and follow regular rules.

People: People here are generally very friendly and good.  Tourist loves to visit these continent and have a exotic experience of different cultures and people

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