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Money Saving Travel & Vacation Tips

 1.Book your tickets earlier, Many airlines, trains give discounts if booked earlier, Further many online ticket booking website have discount coupons, So make the use of it.

 2.Buy Refundable tickets, If you ever change your travel plan, You don't have to lose money buying non refundable tickets.

 3.Compare hotel rates with facility provided, Many times hotels little far from city centers are at 10- 70% discounted rates than the hotels near to airport or city centers.

 4.Inform people that you will be out for vacations, This help you in two ways, First people will stop delieveries to your house like Newspaper, Milk, Bread or any door delieveries, Secondly people will not call you on your mobile and distrub your holiday all the time. Offcourse it will save your mobile bill too on roaming.

 5.Always travel light, having excessive baggage will not only cost you at airports and trains but also it is also physical labour.Don't make your travel frustration by carrying excessive baggage.

 6.Rent a car. What many times renting a car is cheaper than using airport shuttle and you have the flexibility of having time & transportation

 7.Laundry: On longer trips you can often Save money by carting your clothes to the laundry near hotel, Instead of paying those ridiculous hotel rates.

 8.Switch hotels, rates of hotels do change from day to day basis.

 9.Don't waste your money 
by buying junk while travelling, Look for resale value b
efore you buy.

 10.Always try to value time
. If you miss one flight or train, You are likely to lose heavily because all your plans are going to fail. So remember Proirity No.1 is to be on time. Flights and trains do not wait for anyone.
London City

New York City

London is of one of the greatest cities in the world, its a international cultural centre for music, festivals, art, tour museums etc. London is one of the highest visted tourist city. Its impossible to give a definition for London diversity within. If you are visiting for first time there are many things you can discover here and have amazing experience of your life. City temperature is pleasant all around the year. Must see in London are Buckhigham palace, Big ben, London eye, Madame tussauds etc. People here are very friendly and nice.

New York City, a dream place for many people is largest city in the NY state and in the whole of United States of America. Its America's financial power capital, New York City is also called as NYC as a short form. City has a climate of its own, its warmer in the winter then it surrounding areas. Top attractions in the city are Statue of liberty, Brookyln bridge, Times square. SoHo is an area in NYC for shoppers. City is fully modern and the next generation type of city. So if you are travelling to U.S, NYC can't be missed.
Singapore City

Paris City

Singapore is the exotic & rich destination if you are travelling to asia, Rich in traditional heritage & modern advancement together can be seen here, Singapore is located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula at the southern part of asia, It is the most visited tourist place in the whole of asia and ranks among the top most visited place in the world. If you travelling to Singapore, must see attractions are Merlion, Sentosa Island, Jurong bird park, Singapore can be travelled throughout the year, Almost pleasant weather condition throughout the year with little hot & humid conditions. Best time to visit is July – August.

If you are looking for museums, Monuments & Modern landscape there is no better match then visiting Paris, During the period of French kings many beautiful palaces where built like palace of Versailles & Louvre palace, which stands out for french rich culture. Paris is known as Shopping & Fashion capital of the world. French is major language spoken here having a crash course in french will certainly help. City is unique in its class of its own. If you visiting paris must see attractions are Eiffel tower, Arc de triomphe, The Cociergerie etc. All this makes Paris really very special to visit. Information, Family Travel Guide, World Top Destinations, Online Tips, Reviews, Budget, Tourist attractions    Privacy Policy